Mindful Coaching Interviews


Mindful Coaching Interviews is a series of interviews on the question: How is the field of Coaching changing in this ‘age of Mindfulness’? Meet some of the most inspiring coaches of today right here.

If we look at the field of coaching, you could argue that the worldview inherent in Mindfulness is beginning to have a significant impact on our ways of thinking and acting.

What I have set off to examine is; How is coaching changing with the current Mindfulness Boom?

By asking this question, I intend to move closer to a definition of Mindful Coaching.The label ‘Mindful Coaching’ refers to different approaches to coaching that reflect significant elements of the Mindfulness paradigm. I look to the field of Coaching, to learn about the many different and inspiring ways in which coaches put Mindfulness to work in their coaching practice .

This is the frame of this series of conversations. Every one of the interviews is done out of curiosity and an urge to explore deeper into this field of Mindful Coaching. A field that is somehow defined, and at the same time a work in progress, that I keep expanding and deepening. I hope you will enjoy the interviews and feel inspired as much as I did, when I was doing them.

mindful coaching interviews unfolding


mindful coaching interview with allan seale

In this first Mindful Coaching Interview you will meet the amazingly inspiring master coach Alan Seale. Alan Seale master the art of putting forth powerful questions that go straight to the essence of the matter. Alans take on coaching ‘Transformational Presence Coaching’ has been a very important inspiration to me. Read more about Alan and his magical work on the website The Center for Transformational Presence.



mindful coaching interview with richard strozzi


In this second Mindful Coaching interview you will have the opportunity to meet Richard Strozzi. Richard will be sharing essential insights on The Art of Somatic Coaching. Richard inspired me deeply with his teachings about manifesting profound changes by working somatically in coaching. Somatic Coaching reflects essential elements of what I call a Mindfulness paradigm. The understandings and the toolbox that I found in Somatic Coaching really expands and open up my range of actions within a Mindful Coaching phrame.

Learn more about Richard Strozzi and The Art of Somatic Coaching at The Strozzi Institute.



More Mindful Coaching Interviews might arrive at some point…

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